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In his many travels around the world and to the various indigenous peoples, Marcos has experienced the profound tradition of incense. How incenses are used to cleanse and heal the soul. Where the bond between nature, man and the spiritual is at its strongest. Incense has many functions, but regardless of the continent, it is a link between the spiritual and the soul.

Marcos today has an active operation in Nepal where there is a gallery for aspiring artists, shops, cafes and restaurants. He is there several times a year and it is also in Nepal that large parts of the range come from. An assortment that constantly grows and develops after each trip.

The bond between Nepal and the spiritual is strong and many people use herbs for good spiritual health. The production takes place locally, usually in one's own home where the whole family participates in the production as an evening chore. It is an authentic craft that is part of the national heritage of Nepal.

To highlight this craft, Marcos has his own incense - Yetkha Incense, which he, together with his friends in Nepal, manufactures and develops. It is a completely natural incense that is made from scratch in the Nepalese spirit but with elements from different parts of the world and their traditions.

  • Palo Santo - Wood used by indigenous people in much of South America.
  • White Sage - White sage used by the indigenous peoples of North America
  • Sandal Wood - Sandalwood used in India and other Hindu and Buddhist countries
  • Jatamansi - Spikenard herb that grows at high altitudes in the Himalayan mountains
  • Red Cedar - Tree that grows in North America and is used by indigenous peoples
  • Traditional - A traditional herbal blend used by Nepalese people since ancient times

Yetkha Incense is a unique series of incense that intertwines the world's many incense traditions and indigenous peoples. It is designed as rope incense, a very deep-rooted Nepali tradition and performance.

If you want to achieve spiritual health from different parts of the world in a Nepalese way, Yetkha Incense is just right for you. It will be a new and unique experience where you can experience several hundred years of incense tradition from different continents.

Marco's Bearcub

Marcos has worked with products from Nepal for a long time and through his activities there has gotten to know the country's traditions as they are practiced.


Nepal is a country with unique challenges and where going to school is a privilege. All incense that we sell has an ethical production and we take our social responsibility.

Yetkha Incense

The own incense with elements from the world's various indigenous populations and natural religions.