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Yetkha Incense

Yetkha Incense

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Yetkha Incense is a completely natural incense that is made from scratch in the Nepalese spirit but with elements from different parts of the world and their traditions.

  • Palo Santo - Wood used by indigenous people in much of South America.
  • White Sage - White sage used by the indigenous peoples of North America
  • Sandal Wood - Sandalwood used in India and other Hindu and Buddhist countries
  • Jatamansi - Spikenard herb that grows at high altitudes in the Himalayan mountains
  • Red Cedar - Tree that grows in North America and is used by indigenous peoples
  • Traditional - A traditional herbal blend used by Nepalese people since ancient times

Yetkha Incense is a unique series of incense that intertwines the world's many incense traditions and indigenous peoples. It is designed as rope incense, a very deep-rooted Nepali tradition and performance.

If you want to achieve spiritual health from different parts of the world in a Nepalese way, Yetkha Incense is just right for you. It will be a new and unique experience where you can experience several hundred years of incense tradition from different continents.

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