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Amrita Healing Incense

Amrita Healing Incense

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Amrita Healing Incense is an incense artfully crafted from 31 herbs according to traditional Tibetan medicine. The scent is deep and naturally complex.

The manufacture of this incense is carefully supervised by professional Tibetan Amchi's (Doctors of Traditional Tibetan Medicine) at the Amrita Health Center in Kathmandu, Nepal. These are collected, powdered and then rolled into sticks in a traditional Tibetan Buddhist process.

Unlike mass produced and artificially scented incense, Tibetan style incense produces a complex earthy natural scent. This incense is often used as an offering and as an aid to meditation as well as a beautiful aroma for all occasions.

  • About 22 sticks
  • Highest quality, completely natural
  • Made in Nepal
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